The latest technology, brought to you by Game Ready, integrates cold and compression therapy to accelerate your recovery and gets you back on track. A system which many Olympic athletes, professional sporting teams and many physical therapy clinics use to get that extra advantage over the rest.

Combining the cold and compression therapy into one, the Game Ready system helps reduce swelling, minimize pain, speeds and enhances your body’s natural healing abilities.

Immediately after suffering musculo-skeletal injuries, the body’s physiological responses react to protect the surrounding tissues and start to repair. Cryotherapy proactively assists lymphatic function, encourages cellular oxygen supply which helps accelerate tissue repair.

Cryotherapy is a gentle treatment option which can help in some of the following ways:-

  •  Increase sports performance
  •  Manage post-surgical pain
  •  Treat acute strains and inflammation
  •  Or treat a chronic pain. 

 Practitioner Health Central  currently has  cryo-wraps for wrist and elbow; shoulder; lower back; leg and knee; and ankle.

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