Ongoing  Visits

On a regular adjustment visit, you will be warmly greeted by our Practice Manager, Zoe.

We will direct you to our sunny reception area. Please take a seat, relax and feel free to read some educational information or one of our current magazines.

Once a treatment room is available, Zoe will escort you to the room and will make sure that you are comfortable and ready for your treatment with  Dr Parker.
If there has been any change to your condition since your previous visit we request that you inform Zoe so you can fill out a change of circumstance form.

Following the Adjustment
Following your adjustment Dr Parker will hand you back your file to take to Zoe at the front desk. She will organize your payment, provide you with your receipt (if required) and organise your next appointment.

Regular visits typically take 7-10 minutes.

With morning, afternoon or evening appointments available Monday to Thursday we can arrange a consultation that suits you.