Your Second Visit

On your second visit (Report of Findings) you will again be warmly welcomed by our practice manager, Zoe who will take you through to the examination room.

Dr Parker will review your x-rays (if taken) and the results that were gathered from the tests performed on the first visit.
After reviewing your information and understanding how your condition is affecting your health, you will be presented with an individualised care plan that looks at which direction you would like to take with your care, such as relief, rehabilitation or maintenance care (Get well and stay well)

We will also discuss with you the options of dry needling and massage therapy if deemed appropriate to your care.

Once you have chosen which care is best for you, we will show you exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.
The final process we will discuss is how many visits you will require to stabilize your condition.
Your Chiropractic Care

Once these initial processes are complete you will commence your Chiropractic care. You will receive your first adjustment and then Zoe will assist you in making your next appointment.

Allow 30 minutes for the Report of Findings appointment.