Initial Phone Call

When you phone the clinic for your first appointment our friendly staff will allocate you an appointment time.

An appointment reminder SMS will be sent to you the day before your first visit.

Your First Visit

When you come in for your first visit you will be warmly greeted by Zoe, our practice manager, who will direct you to fill out some paperwork. Our new patient forms are designed to help us get a clear picture of your health. It is of great benefit that we are aware of any conditions that you are experiencing or have previously experienced in your life, to gain an understanding of how they are affecting your health.

Outcome measures are used to further analyse your condition and give us a baseline to work from and refer to as your treatment progresses.

Once you have completed your paperwork Dr Parker will take you through a thorough history and examination. The examination consists of chiropractic, neurological and orthopaedic evaluations to gain further insight into how your body is functioning.

Informed consent will be obtained before any treatment is administered. If Dr Parker feels that it is indicated, you may receive a treatment on your first visit.

X-rays may also be required, in which case Dr Parker will refer you for them before your next visit. Our preferred provider is Radiology SA (Port Adelaide) who provides a bulk bill service.

Completion of the initial visit usually takes 45 minutes (including paperwork) so please allow ample time so we can complete everything perfectly.

What Happens Next

As you can imagine there is a lot of information to analyse. Following your visit Dr Parker, will typically spend time organizing your information to present to you on your second visit (Report of Findings) where he will discuss what he has found; what he believes is the cause of your problems; what chiropractic care is required and will present you with an individualised plan of chiropractic care.



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